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When part of the Unit Four reactor’s core melted down on 26 April 1986, uranium fuel rods, their zirconium cladding, graphite control rods, and sand dumped on the core to try to extinguish the fire melted together into a lava. It flowed into the reactor hall’s basement try what she says rooms and hardened into formations called fuel-containing materials (FCMs), which are laden with about 170 tons of irradiated uranium—95% of the original fuel. The concrete-and-steel sarcophagus called the Shelter, erected 1 year after the accident to house Unit Four’s remains, allowed rainwater to seep in. Because water slows, or moderates, neutrons and thus enhances their odds of striking and splitting uranium nuclei, heavy rains would sometimes send neutron counts soaring. After a downpour my latest blog post in June 1990, a “stalker”—a scientist at Chernobyl who risks radiation exposure to venture into the damaged reactor hall—dashed in and sprayed gadolinium nitrate solution, which absorbs neutrons, on an FCM that he and his colleagues feared might go critical. Several years later, the plant installed gadolinium nitrate sprinklers in the Shelter’s roof. But the spray can’t effectively penetrate some basement rooms. Chernobyl officials presumed any criticality risk would fade when the massive New Safe Confinement (NSC) was slid over the Shelter in November 2016. The €1.5 billion structure was meant to seal off the Shelter so it could be stabilized and eventually dismantled. The NSC also keeps out the rain, and ever since its emplacement, neutron counts in most areas in the Shelter have been stable or are declining. But they began to edge up in a few spots, nearly doubling over 4 years in room 305/2, which contains tons of FCMs buried under debris. ISPNPP modeling suggests the drying of the fuel is somehow making neutrons ricocheting through it more, rather than less, effective at splitting uranium nuclei. “It’s believable and plausible data,” Hyatt says. “It’s just not clear what the mechanism might be.” The threat can’t be ignored. As water continues to recede, the fear is that “the fission reaction accelerates exponentially,” Hyatt says, leading to “an uncontrolled release of nuclear energy.” There’s no chance of a repeat of 1986, when the explosion and fire sent a radioactive cloud over Europe. A runaway fission reaction in an FCM could sputter out after heat from fission boils off the remaining water.


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What we see in here, from the results … is they feel like they’re getting good bang for their buck,” Richards said. In fact, at least two IRS agents suggested in written reports that the tax agency should start a national program to broaden the scope of marijuana industry audits. The IRS office of public affairs answered certain questions from MJBizDaily for this series but left many others unanswered. The agency did email the following statement: “The IRS recognizes the marijuana industry is growing and is assessing the training needs of its employees, determining the appropriate compliance actions, and increasing taxpayer awareness. The IRS wants cannabis business owners to be educated on their tax obligations and provides information for them to be compliant. It’s important to note that federal courts have consistently upheld (IRS) determinations that state compliant marijuana dispensaries have taxable income.” In the meantime, IRS audits and tax bills remain an ongoing challenge for cannabis businesses. Protracted legal battles have erupted over 280E, with the U.S. Tax Court typically siding with the IRS. The documents offer a wealth of additional details on how the IRS views and handles both 280E and cannabis industry operators. For example, they provide never-before-disclosed information about how the IRS has been training its agents on the ins and outs of the marijuana industry through PowerPoint presentations as well as a previously confidential 30-page Participant Guide that instructs IRS agents on the finer points of auditing cannabis businesses. The Participant Guide and training materials include suggestions on how to obtain as much information from cannabis business owners before they hire attorneys to represent them during audits. “The most effective audit technique for obtaining income information is the interview with the taxpayer,” the Participant Guide instructs IRS agents. “As many taxpayers hire representation after the initial interview, it may be the only chance you have to talk directly with the taxpayer.” The documents also provide details on at least four extensive marijuana auditing programs, known as Compliance Initiative Projects (CIPs) , which began in 2010 and were run by the IRS in California and Colorado. The first California CIP was even expanded in 2013 to include cannabis companies in Arizona and New Mexico – based on the IRS documents – because both states had operational MMJ dispensaries by that point. The CIPs focused on marijuana company compliance with 280E. The release of the documents follows a federal watchdog report by the Department of the Treasury last spring. That report – written by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)  – foreshadowed a likely uptick in marijuana industry audits by the IRS.